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Kanaan restaurant is a vegan/vegetarian initiative, priding itself on the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients; owned and operated by the renowned chef Jalil Dabit and marketing businessman Oz Ben David. 
The joining of a Palestinian and an Israeli Jew has created a special collaboration, which brings forth each of their styles, enhances the culinary experience, and helps develop a Middle Eastern kitchen that has rich, complex flavors, while delivering simple traditional dishes from the Israeli Palestinian region.

Kanaan currently functions in two locations on opposite sides of the same street corner, allowing us to offer different menu concepts as a restaurant, take-away counter and catering service, all while leaving no doubt that the food is the core of the initiative. Visitors are welcome to sit down, relax and enjoy the culinary experience. 

During the busy work week, KANAAN EXPRESS offers takeaway service, with our unique dishes available stuffed in pita bread. The concept of our lunch menu is "eat & run", with a variety of vegan/vegetarian dishes served in pita bread, freshly naked, as well as an array of daily specials. 


Our weekend menu holds the concept of "sit & fun", and contains a selection of dozens of different seasonal salads, dishes accompanied by pita bread, and pastries inspired by the flavors of the Middle East. The culinary atmosphere can be referred to as Maaza (Arabic tapas-style meal), allowing each person to taste multiple dishes. Full sized portions of everyone’s favorite dishes are also on offe

Our menu includes organic tahini and hummus, a variety of freshly baked pastries and breads, an innovative range of individually prepared salads, as well as spices, sauces and a multitude of locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Kanaan was established by the dynamic duo-Jalil Dabit, a chef and entrepreneur, owner/manager of the legendary Samir’s Restaurant in Ramla, and Oz Ben David, a culinary entrepreneur and marketing businessman.

By exploring the relationship between the local and the global, classical and current, urban and rural, Kanaan is a culinary initiative unlike any other in Berlin. 
Situated in a central location with convenient public transportation accessibility, visitors can experience all the wonder of the Levantine and Mediterranean kitchen under one roof. It is a place to taste an authentic, aromatic meal, delight in a plate of delicious hummus, and enjoy lovingly selected products which are also affordably priced.

Every visit made to Kanaan provides an extraordinary experience. We welcome you to contact us, and enjoy a taste of Kanaan’s food, and concept of “Love served on a plate”

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