Kanaan Express @ Schland

 (Prenzlauer Berg)


For those with an appetite, served on a plate


Hummus classic

Our famous Kanaan hummus: accompanied by tehina sauce by whole chickpeas, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with herbs and spices


Hummus Sabich

 a crowd favourite of hummus, fried eggplant, boiled egg, amba (mango sauce) and tehina. We recommend adding schug (spicy Yemenite pesto)



 two organic eggs cooked according to personal request in a slightly spicy tomato sauce, flavoured with a confit of garlic, onion and red pepper



 Hummus with Shakshuka


All dishes are served with freshly baked pita bread


For those on the go, served in a pita


Pita sabich

 hummus, tehina, fried eggplant, boiled egg, freshly sliced tomato, amba, and a garnish of parsley


Pita vegetable patties

 potato with feta cheese, parsley, harissa aioli and amba


Pita hummshuka

 combining the flavours of hummus with shakshuka


Pita cauliflower patties (vegan)

baked cauliflower, tehina, a splash of amba, spicy pesto and tomato


Pita cauliflower siniya

 warm cauliflower in a tehina sauce, with fresh vegetables, date honey syrup and pomegranate sauce



Yemenite bread, served with a variety of toppings








Schug (spicy) Yemenite pesto


Green tehina: flavoured with parsley, coriander and garlic (spicy)

Red tehina: flavoured with pepper and garlic